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Key functionality of G Claim includes:

Full details of each claim
Generation of estimates
Storage of photos & documents
Automated letters and reports
Diary and To Do list
Full audit trail of events
Detailed management information

We use web-based technology that allows you to notify claims, and to track their progress by accessing a shared electronic file.

This system, known as G Claim, also enables on-line estimating, document generation and the storage of digital photographs.

This ensures that we operate efficiently and provide you with value for money. It also enables us to keep you fully informed throughout the life of a claim and to maintain up to date ‘real-time’ management information.


These systems ensure that we operate efficiently and provide you with value for money. They also enable us to keep you informed and provide you with management information.

Additional features include:

E-mail & fax instructions converted
into data and entered automatically
E-mail and SMS alerts
On-line estimating using an agreed
schedule of rates


We are pleased to share the functionality of G Claim with our clients. Please contact us to arrange access to this system and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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