Rapid Support Services
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Our aim is to restore properties quickly and efficiently following fire, flood and other insured perils. Within minutes of receiving your call our contact centre will mobilise a team and ensure both prompt and professional action is taken.

For private householders we offer a prompt and courteous restoration service that ensures their home is habitable as soon as possible.

For the commercial enterprise, we facilitate business continuity and work with the business managers, their insurers and loss adjusters to minimise the business interruption.

An early response is key to successful mitigation and we operate to strict service criteria to ensure

An immediate site visit
Early risk assessment
Deployment of drying, cleaning
and other specialist equipment
Stabilisation work is undertaken
as early as possible
A report is issued within 72 hours
setting out a resolution

We offer the following capabilities:

Emergency response 24x7
Technicians mobilised within an hour
Risk assessments within 24 hours
Decontamination and deodorising
Soda Blasting
Advanced drying techniques
Temporary storage facilities
Building preparation
Temporary structures and services
Business continuity support and facilities
Contact Rapid Support Services 24 hours a day on 08707 500 990 Email info@rapidsupport.co.uk