Rapid Support Services
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We are committed to providing a quality product and a professional service. To ensure our service is effective we have a structured programme of training and development. We pay particular attention to Health & Safety and have an excellent record.

A key part in delivering our service is the provision of a national operations unit that encompasses a customer service team. We believe the first contact is critical and use this contact team to guide the policyholder through the claims process offering advice and support when it is needed.


Key features of our approach:

We agree a service protocol and SLA with each client
We establish KPI’s and measure our performance
We use a Customer Service team to provide regular feedback and to monitor progress
Technicians perform a risk assessment on each case and prepare a report
Site Supervisors monitor the quality of work

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Contact Rapid Support Services 24 hours a day on 08707 500 990 Email info@rapidsupport.co.uk