Rapid Support Services
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We offer a specialised service that encompasses the following:

•  Emergency repairs
•  Small works contracts
•  Project managed repairs
•  Cosmetic Subsidence works

We employ a range of light trades that enable us to provide a balanced and comprehensive response to insurance repair.

These trades are deployed in a variety of circumstances from small repairs as a result of windstorm and impact claims, fire and flood re-construction to crack repairs following subsidence and heave.

The Division employs 30 tradesmen spanning the following skills – bricklaying, roofing, carpentry and joinery, electricians, plumbing and heating, decorating and plastering. This team is organised by a Contracts Manager with over 30 years experience.

Supporting the Contracts Manager are quantity and building surveyors responsible for pricing and scheduling of work and two site supervisors who manage the projects.

In addition, we have established a dedicated Customer Service team that is available to support the intake of new claims, to provide the logistics necessary in managing a project and to liase with the policyholder, insurer and adjuster. This ensures all parties are kept fully informed and each project runs smoothly.

Key features of the services are::

Fully operational contact centre
Technology that tracks each project
A site survey and detailed quotation
before work is commenced
Each contract managed by a site
Streamlined process for ordering and
delivering materials and plant
Use of national suppliers to facilitate
cost control
Pre agreed rates and service levels
Clearly defined process
Quality assurance programme

Contact Rapid Support Services 24 hours a day on 08707 500 990 Email info@rapidsupport.co.uk